Return Policy

  • Any item that the customer intends to return must be in its original condition. If it is determined that the item was used or installed, Centropiezas Plus reserves the right to return it. In addition, car chemicals must have the seal intact.
  • The customer must have with him the original purchase receipt and a photo ID.  If you are returning an item and no longer have the receipt, the store staff will make an effort to locate it in the system, but will not be able to guarantee it.
  • The customer will have a period of thirty (30) days, from the purchase of the product, to return it in any of our locations.
  • If you comply with these conditions, Centropiezas Plus assures you the refund of your money according to your original method of payment exclusively.
  • Cores:
    • When a vehicle is repaired, the old or defective part that was replaced is called the "core."  If the item you buy involves returning a "core" to our store, it will have to pass an inspection of our specialists before being approved for the refund.  The refund will be equivalent to the amount credited to you for your purchase in the original transaction.
  • Online and WhatsApp Shopping:
    • To return online purchases ( or WhatsApp purchase service (787-691-0195) carry the product, in its original packaging, and its receipt to the store of your choice and apply n the same rules and processes outlined above. If you have additional questions, please contact our customer service team at 787-691-0195.
    • If you made an order with shipping, you will be refunded the shipping costs only if made a mistake or if the product was defective when it was shipped.
  • Defective items:
    • To exchange a defective item, it must be delivered to the store with the original receipt, during the time established by its warranty and the policies of this would apply (See Warranty Policy below).
  • Special orders:
    • Special orders are those that Centropiezas Plus orders from a third-party supplier to facilitate the transaction for the customer. If a transaction requires a special order, the customer will be informed prior to placing the order. Special orders will not be subject to refunds, only to part exchanges in case of error at the time of placing the order or to a defective product.

Warranty Policy

  • To exchange an item for a warranty, it must be delivered with the original receipt, in any of our locations.  If you are returning an item and no longer have the receipt, the store staff will make an effort to locate it in the system, but will not be able to guarantee it.
  • Our warranty policy applies only to items that are determined to be defective from the factory and have been purchased from Centropiezas Plus or If it is determined that the item was abused and the damage is not factory, the warranty is invalidated.
  • Our products with limited lifetime warranty*, are as follows:
    1. Rack & Pinion
    2. Complete Axes
    3. Power Steering Pumps
    4. Calipers
    5. Brake Boosters
    6. Starters
    7. Alternators
    8. Rotors – Fremax brand  exclusively
    9. Shocks – KYB & Monroe brand exclusively
    10. Window Lift Motor
    11. Wiper Motor
    12. Electronic ignitions
    13. Suspension – MOOG brand exclusively
    14. All Dorman brand pity  (i.e. suspension, fans, Pulleys, wiper tank and coolant tank, brake cylinder, brake pump, brake sleeve)
    15. Spark Plug Cable brand B&B Cable exclusively
    16. Alternator Belts, V Belts and Streamers – Gates brand exclusively
    17. Water Sleeves – Gates brand exclusively
    18. Water Pumps (including kits) – Gates and GMB brands exclusively
    19. Tensioners (including tensioner kits) – Gates brand exclusively
    20. Pulleys (including pulley kits) – Gates brand exclusively
    21. Timing Kit - Gates brand exclusively
    22. Ball Boxes – mark GMB and Timken exclusively
    23. Bushings – GMB brand exclusively
    24. Power Steering Sleeves – Edelman and Gates brand exclusively
    25. Water, petrol, radiator and thermostat cap – Motorade brand exclusively
    26. Block joints – FELPRO brand
    27. Rotors – FREMAX brand
    28. Brake pads – Hevi-Bond Gold Metallic brand exclusively

*In other words, "limited lifetime warranty", the customer will be assured that the purchased item will be exchanged (and that it was defective) for the same product or an equivalent of his satisfaction.  The replacement will not be subject to the lifetime warranty.  It doesn't mean a cashback.  This warranty is valid for the life of the item, depending on the manufacturer. It will not be transferable or inherited if you sell your vehicle.


  • Certain "premium" lines will have an extended warranty of three (3) years. These products are:
    • Complete strut assembly – 3 years
    • Shock absorbers BWD – 3 years
    • Radiators – 3 years
    • NewTek brand ceramic pads – 3 years
  • All products that do not have a limited lifetime warranty will have (2) years of warranty, with the following exceptions:
    •  Chemicals, oils, consumer or maintenance accessories (such as filters) and single-use products (such as gloves), which have no warranty.
    • The batteries range from one (1) to two (2) years warranty, and several premium models (Interstate, MT, MTX, and MTP brand) with an extended warranty by proration.

Ask our professionals at the time of purchase about the included warranty of any of our lines.