Rent mechanical tools and do it with CP+

Rent your Tools at Centropuertas Plus

Do you want to try different tools before
buy them? Do you have little storage space
in your garage? Do you only need the tool once
or for a specific project? No problem.

We solve you with three simple steps:

1- Buy the tools you need in your Nearest Centropiezas Plus
2- Use the tools for a period of 10 days
3- Return the tools and we will refund your money

*You will have 10 days to return them to your nearest Centropiezas Plus and when you do, your money will be returned. Money back subject to verification of normal wear and tear.

Mechanical Tools Included

The program includes over 75 tools. Below you can see some of the most common.

Hazlo Plus with Centropiezas Plus

Visit our YouTube page to learn how you can take care of your car yourself.

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